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Growing up in Finland, a good education is something that's common to follow through. Mindi was never the person who enjoyed studying, but still took school serious and always performed well in exams aiming for 7 or 8 (10 being the highest score, 4 the lowest)

Mindi graduated her Matriculation Exam with a Cum Laude degree, with an exception of Magna Cum laude (average higher than 8) in Mathematics. 

After several years of only focusing on riding and showjumping, Mindi picked up studying 2012 in the Netherlands, at Fontys International Business School in Venlo. Studying was still not something Mindi enjoyed, but she was determined to make the best of it, and had some great results in subjects such as Marketing Communication 9.8, Marketing Synthethis 9,8 and e-Marketing 8.9.

In 2016 Mindi graduated her International Marketing studies with a 7,8 in her Marketing Communication Plan Thesis. 


Having moved to The Netherlands by her self at the age of 18, Mindi developed many skills at a young age.

Her natural strengths of determination and courage has helped her throughout the years, especially during harder times when important decisions had to be taken.

Being alone has also taught Mindi to take initiative when something has to be done, and also learned to become a leader. Mindi works great in team, but has a natural drive for becoming a leader and take people under her "wings".

Working in stables has learned Mindi to work with many different characteristics and nationalities which is an advantage in the business world. During Mindi's years of study she also learned the importance of evaluating yourself to become a better team member or employee. The quality that Mindi holds hard to is honesty. Mindi was raised to be a honest person, and lives up to that everyday.

To read more about Mindi's skills you can have a look at her Curricculum Vitae here.

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